"I’ve given HaddenHailers calls as Christmas gifts to both my Dad and husband, and they are their go-to call for both of them! Held up over years of use and still work as well as day one. Beautiful craftsmanship to boot!"
- Lindsey Wright

"I love my HaddenHailers calls that I got, that would be 3 ducks, 1 goose and my turkey call! Love the quality and performance of them! They look like art work and get the job done!"
- Dean Pennington

"HaddenHailers, what can you say? Exceptional quality, detail and craftsmanship goes into every call. The range from top end to the bottom end is spot on. Customer service second to none, willing to take on challenges and exceed your expectations. Goes without saying I will be a return customer and highly recommend HaddenHailers to anyone looking for a high quality duck or goose call."
- Brian Kinder

"HaddenHailers calls are built with exceptional craftsmanship, quality, and their attention to detail is remarkable. These calls have a sound that will make even the weariest of birds turn around to take a second look. The Eliminator Series (double reed) is extremely easy to produce the highest high balls, yet controllable enough to produce the soft seductive sounds of a lonely hen Mallard. When I purchase any new call there are a couple test my calls through, no matter who the call maker is. HaddenHailers Eliminator Series was no exception to the rule. The first test was to fully submerge the call in water to see how well it would perform wet. I was very surprised how well the Eliminator call maintained its tone & easily hit every note or combination of notes. The next test was to freeze the call, to simulate the sub-zero temps we must endure during our Waterfowl season here in MI. I placed this call in our deep freezer for an hour's time. The entire call was covered in frost, yet the reeds never stuck. This call belted out high balls as if it was just taken from a heated pocket. I have no doubt this call will quickly replace most of the lower & higher end calls on my lanyard. I would recommend this call to beginners & seasoned hunters alike. These calls would make a great first call, as well as a welcome addition for the most seasoned hunters. You will be pleasantly surprised with the Eliminators easy performance & range of tone."
- Ryan Cote' (Duck Junkies Pro Staff MI)

"HaddenHailers is an up and coming duck and goose calls company located in our home state of Kentucky. I had an opportunity to meet HaddenHailers founder, Andrew Hadden in Louisville just before Christmas. Field Junky is constantly approached to carry new products, and we thoroughly test each new product. I can say that HaddenHailers duck calls will be put in the same category as Zink, RNT, Death Row, and other high end calls in a very short time.

Andrew hand spins each new call to perfection and keeps strict standards for shape, finish, and color of each call. When you buy a HaddenHailers call, you won’t be buying baked plastic from China. Instead you will receive a high quality polyester resin duck call with a custom tuned soundboard. HaddenHailers is stirring up a lot of buzz in Western Kentucky duck hunting communities. Soon this buzz will spread along the entire Mississippi flyway."
- Field Junky

"Great calls! Smoked a bunch of greenheads with the one I got in December. I would recommend these calls to anyone."
- David Black (Fowler Farms, LLC)

"The acrylic Eliminator double reed I received from HaddenHailers sound is great! It has nice range from the high end to the way. I used it all season in the “Drake Mallard Population Control” services we provide down here in Ballard County."
- Jason Goatley


"Best luck I've ever had when it comes to duck calling was discovering HaddenHailers duck calls. I own 6 now and most guys I hunt with now use them as well. Easy to use, easy to service, and easy to convince ducks to take that second look. The one duck call that sounds as good to ducks as it does to those who like to hear duck calls, and some that normally don't (like my neighbors)!"

- Patty White

"I bought one of the blue burl duck calls back last fall. I can't say enough about the tone the easy to blow and awesome look of this call. Everyone I hunt with was jealous. I believe if you want a good affordable custom call this is the way to go."
- Adam Carlock


"I got my call earlier this week. This call is by far the easiest best sounding nicest looking slate call I've ever put my hands on! I have tried a few in my days and Andrew I must say yours takes the cake brotha!! Great job it won't be the last one I order!! To any one that's thinking of one of these calls you won't be disappointed!"

- Eric Jorgensen


"I was introduced to Hadden Hailers by a friend. The first HH call I saw was a turkey call. Needless to say it was the first I purchased, and the intro to a new addiction. I have since purchased purchased 6 duck calls and a set of coyote calls. All I can say is that these calls are amazing. The anodized aluminum slate on the turkey call makes it the best one on the market. This thing will call completely submerged underwater, with an acrylic striker also made by Andrew. They are also some of the most beautiful turkey calls I have ever seen. The duck calls are beautiful! They are an addiction all on their own. From his bread and butter Drake Baits and Eliminators, to the full custom Corian and antler glue ups, Andrew can make anything you have ever wanted in a duck call come to fruition. The duck calls accommodate all skill levels from beginner to expert, so anyone can enjoy these awesome calls. The coyote calls are awesome as well, with just about any material you can think of being used to make them from wood to poly resin. I personally have 2 poly resin coyote calls that sound completely different from each other. All I can tell just from testing is that predators love these things! That being said I have to recommend Hadden Hailers for all things call related! Whether its waterfowl or predators you're after, Andrew can get you going in the right direction and make a call for all of your hunting buddies to drool over!"
- John T. Oliver

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All calls are made by me, Andrew Hadden.

If you see something you like let me know.I'll work with you to try and make you one that is similar in shape and color. Custom engraving is available too.
Photos are from Kirstie Goodman Photography